Small classifier
Laboratory use

HIPREC classifier HPC-ZERO is a device suitable for laboratory use and small lot production.
The classifier body and incidental equipment are stored in one unit, and they can be used only by supplying a power source and compressed air.
The classifier can also be easily moved with its casters.


  • Each operation can be set on the touch panel.
    • Number of rotations of raw material supply feeder
    • Flap position
    • Each air volume for suction
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • The side plate automatically opens and closes.
  • Built-in equipment from supply device to
    recovery device
  • Line up also includes wear resistant products.
  • For the powder recovery device, a cyclone can also be
    replaced with a bag filter.
  • Classification size: 3μm – 200μm
  • Capacity: 1 – 10 kg/h
  • Air volume: 1 – 3 m³/min

Classification tests can be conducted at our test center. Please contact us.

High Precision Coanda Classifier Test Plant, “POWDER-LABO”

We keep “POWDER-LABO” test plant exclusively for High Precision Coanda Classifier.

Test Equipment
★HPC-ZERO Classifier …… 2 units
Configuration upply device, HPC- ZERO classifier, Cyclone (3 units),
Bag filter (1 unit), Blower (1 unit), Control panel (1 unit),
Computer for operations (1 unit)
Control Edge width (F/M): Automatic adjustment,
Air volume: Automatic adjustment and control
Incidental equipment

Product recovery chamber (F/M/C): 3 units
PC integrated system (automatic collection of operation data)

Tablet PC for control
Tablet PC for control
★Particle Size Distribution Measuring Instruments Microtrac (laser type)…………………………… 1 unit
Coulter counter (electric resistance type)……… 1 unit