High Precision Coanda Classifier “HIPREC” is an air current classifier which obtains three different particle size products at one time applying the “Coanda effect.”
High dispersion nozzle of the material supplying part realizes highly ef cient classication performance.
Best for classification of materials requiring high precision classification, in particular, materials having strong abrasion or explosiveness.


  • Simple structure without driving parts
  • Surprising cost performance
  • Easy maintenance due to simplicity
  • By adoption of material high dispersion nozzle, sharp classifying performance is obtained.
  • Classification size: 3µm – 200µm
  • Capacity: 1 – 3000 kg/h
  • Standard equipment of parts corresponding to wear resistance
  • Easily realizing a closed circuit operation by inert gas

Model Throughput (kg/hr) Air Flow Volume (m³/min)
HPC-ZERO 1-10 2-3
HPC-1 10-150 4-7
HPC-2 20-300 9-13
HPC-3 30-450 14-19
HPC-4 40-600 19-25
HPC-5 50-750 25-30
HPC-6 60-900 30-36
HPC-9 90-1350 44-55
HPC-10 100-1500 50-60
HPC-12 120-1800 60-72
HPC-14 140-2100 70-84
HPC-16 160-2400 80-96
HPC-20 200-3000 100-120

From data confirming the performance by our classification test equipment, “POWDER-LABO (Model: HPC-1)” will be scaled up to the actual model.

Classification tests can be conducted at our test center. Please contact us.

High Precision Coanda Classifier Test Plant, “POWDER-LABO”

We keep “POWDER-LABO” test plant exclusively for High Precision Coanda Classifier.
Please confirm the performance by High Precision Coanda Classifier, Model HPC-1, which can be scaled up.

High Precision Coanda Classifier Test Plant, “POWDER-LABO”

★HPC-1 Classifier …… 1 unit
Configuration Supply device, HPC-1 classifier, Bag filter (3 units),
Blower (2 units), Operation/control panel (1 unit)
Control Edge width (F/M): Automatic adjustment,
Air volume: Automatic adjustment and control
Incidental equipment Product recovery double dumper (F/M/C): 3 units
Product weighing machine (F/M/C): 3 units,
PC integrated system (conditions and data)
★Particle Size Distribution Measuring Instruments Microtrac (laser type)…………………………… 1 unit
Coulter counter (electric resistance type)……… 1 unit