System Engineering
of Powder Processing

The engineering technology of POWDER SYSTEMS solves
a variety of issues including reducing capital investment costs
and raising plant construction efficiency.

Business introduction

  • 1System engineering of powder and granular
    material processing facility
  • 2Development of powder and granular
    material processing equipment and devices
  • -Crushing, Pulverizing and Classifying System
  • -Supply, Discharge and Storage System
  • -Auto Weighing and Mixing System
  • -Pneumatic Conveying System
  • -Dust Collecting System
  • -Process Control and Monitoring System

In particular, for system engineering of toner manufacturing equipment, we propose systems that satisfy your requirements based on our technologies developed from a wealth of experience.

Specifically, our company is not a manufacturer of particular powder processing machinery.
In system plan development and designing, we pursue building a better system by reviewing machines of every manufacturer and field.

Of course, we promote system construction by an integrated system from manufacturing and procurement of equipment constituting the system to installation and operations adjustment.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are confronted with,
“we cannot find an existing powder processing machine or system that satisfies our needs.”
We excel in areas of development, design and manufacture of equipment and systems that satisfy your requests.